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Christian Muslim Get To Gather

Starfish Karachi held second Christian Muslim get together on 30th of August 2015, at Holy Shepherd Grammar school Karachi under the Guidance of Anser Javed (National Director Starfish Pakistan). The number of present participants from both the communities was 50 (Fifty), all the participants appreciated the step taken by the Starfish as saying, “Starfish has established the platform where both Christian and Muslims may widen the religious harmony and peace.” 

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Muslim participants enlighten the rights of the Christians in the light of the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Mufhtti Ghulam Aulla Kashmiri one of the Muslim participants shared the words of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who say, “Take care of your neighbors although they are not from you and belong to other nations or casts.” Abdul Razaq Khan another Muslim participant said, “Holy Quran has given equal rights to the other nations with Muslims.”

The Christian participants also shared their thoughts in the light of Holy Bible. Sabir Iqbal one of the Christian participants said, “We being Christians believe on harmony and peace through love and brotherhood.”  Munawer Sajjad the other Christian participant said, “We the followers of Holy Bible do respect our Muslim brothers as commanded in the scripture.”



This get together actually provided the platform to both the Muslims and Christians where they made promises to establish brotherhood and showed the spirit to work together for the development. The Muslims said that it’s their duty to fulfill the rights of our Christian brothers and Christians said that they want to grow in love, peace and harmony with their Muslim brothers.  It was also suggested to gather the youth for more progress to develop peace and harmony.


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The get together was ended with the words of Anser Javed (National Director Starfish Pakistan) who quote from the Gospel of Luke 10:25-28 the commandment about the love for neighbor. He enlightened the struggle and sacrifices of Christians for the defense and development of Pakistan.  He honored the thoughts of all the participants and respected their suggestions. He thanked all the participants for the unity and spirit to work together for the development of the community.


Program ended followed by lunch


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Dear Anser,
it is so heartening to hear from you on a subject on which i have spoken too much and written quite a bit. This is a great human service you are doing and well should be doing. This is not just a hypocritical act or a pleasing-game, but a genuine need of all times. I cite Rumi here who says, ” you have been commanded to unite  and not divide“. We need to interepret our relgious heritage in a way that brings us together that binds us as one humanity.
We have shed enough blood in the name of one god or another or in a name of one religious belief or another. All this historical bitter memory needs to brought to an end and start a new way of life that is based on global ethics and human values, and human welfare. We need to stop acting like God, making decisions who or what faith will get salvation and who will go to Paradise and Hell. These are Godly matters and let Him decide. Let us not make decisions on His behalf; He is quite capable of making these decisions.
Today, millions of Muslims are living in predominantly Christian lands, and similar numbers of  Christians live in predominantly Christian lands. Mostly, they live with peace and in harmony. This is the ideal of human life.
Last, but not the least, Muslims should never forget that the first Muslims during the Prophet’s time who fled to Habsha due to persecution were given refuge by the Christian King there. WE need to bring these shining example of history to unite together and live peacefully, respectfully in a globalized and interdependent world.
I say these words not to please you but as my philosophy of life as a Muslim. So, Anser, I really admire for your leadership qualities to do these positive, constructive and poweroful things among the people you live.
With warm regards, Dr Khaki
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STUDENT AWARENESS PRGROAM was held on Saturday 11, July 2015 at HOLY SHEPHERD GRAMMAR SCHOOL. The aim of the program was to aware the students about the importance of the Education and provide the strategies to achieve the goals in their lives. It’s important to the Secondary and Higher Secondary School students to aim a profession and struggle for it to become a well-developed and responsible citizen of the nation through Education that’s why we called professionals from the following departments to give the introduction and chalk out the criteria to join the profession;


S.No Department Facilitators
1. Health Department Mrs Aster Francis
Mr. Daniel Karamat
Miss Virginia Massey
2. Education Department Mr. Ejaz Khushi
3. IT & Engineering Department Mr. Kashif Sabir
Mr. Danish Sabir
4 Business Department Mr. Saeed Anjum
Mr. Victor Pervez
5. Physical Education Department Mr. Nisaar Alam

Mr. Noshad Ahmed Imrani

Mr. Masood Rana

DSCF5180 DSCF5179 DSCF5172 DSCF5170 DSCF5167 DSCF5088 DSCF5091 DSCF5103

Christian Students from HOLY SHEPHERD GRAMMAR SCHOOL, other SCHOOLS and College attended the program along SVTC Students the Total Number of Students was 85.

Students Feedback showed that the program helped the students to aim a profession and struggle for it they were well Facilitate and now they have aimed a profession for which they will work hard to achieve it as they were suggested by the Facilitators.

There was a session in which students were given the time to visit the SVTC Classes and get the information about the Courses.  It was actually the Open House at STARFISH VOCATION TRAINING CENTRE. The students were happy to get the information about SVTC and showed their interests to join it soon.

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Pastor’s Get together

HSGS arranged pastor’s get together and following is the link of the photos.

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Summer Camp

summer camp

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Nadeem Qazi Visits

Nadeem and Jamila Qazi visits the Holy Shepherd School after 10 years. He is the founder of the school.

DSC03784 DSC03788 DSC03792 DSC03795 DSC03801 DSC03826

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Starfish Martial Arts

Health and physical education is a very important part of the Ontario curriculum. Regular physical activity is not only essential for healthy growth and development — it can actually boost students’ academic achievement. Younger students can burn off some of their energy, increasing their ability to settle in and focus on their academic work. In adolescents, regular physical activity not only helps to maintain a healthy body weight, but has also been shown to lower levels of anxiety and depression.

Starfish Karachi has taken an initiative to start Starfish Martial Arts for the school students. Nisar Alam is my own teacher who had trained me in 1992-96.



55 students in first badge enrolled themselves. We hope more boys and girls comes in.



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Christmas Celebration

Annual Christmas Program was arrange in holy shepherd school.



Children enjoying


gifts distributed


As usual a tradition for years, orphan were not forgotten. They received ration


Certificate distribution among the successful candidates for Vocational Training centre, 6 months short courses.


Principal Holy Shepherd School speaking



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